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Craft Beer

What is Craft Beer? It’s hard to put a finger on it to be honest. Craft Beer is more about the people and their creative techniques than a specific style or flavour; it’s about experimentation, high quality ingredients and a dedication to brewing.


At The Cricketers, we’re passionate about partnering with and serving the best Craft Beers from up and down the country and supporting UK breweries.


Here’s what we've got on tap right now...

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Purity Brewery

Taste a little bit of the Warwickshire countryside right here in Croydon. Brewed on a working farm, Purity aim to make beer with a conscience; no prejudice, full attention to detail, and a process that’s kind to the environment too. Try Purity’s Longhorn IPA at The Cricketers today.

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Beavertown Brewery

Believe it or not, good things do actually happen North of the river. After starting out as a BBQ joint in Haggerston, Beavertown is now brewed in Enfield with a playful approach to craft. Try Beavertown’s iconic Neck Oil or Gamma Ray at The Cricketers today.

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Freedom Brewery

We love a beer with London roots; Freedom was born in Fulham in 1995 before the brewery moved to a more sustainable site in the Staffordshire countryside. What’s more, all Freedom beers are 100% vegan so they can be enjoyed by all. Grab a pint of Freedom Lager at The Cricketers today.

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